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LinkedIn Internship '20

A summer of creating more value for hourly workers on LinkedIn

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A brief story of my LinkedIn Summer Internship 2020 with the Hourly Workers Segments team, where I worked on various new features, met a bunch of amazing people, and learned more than I could've ever imagined.


Product Design Intern


Segments - Hourly Workers




May 2020 - Aug 2020

What is the Hourly Workers team?

Our team's vision is to bring economic opportunity to hourly workers through LinkedIn. This segment is the backbone of our workforce, making up over 60% of the U.S. workforce. But sadly, a lot of them do not feel like they belong on LinkedIn nor get much value from the platform. Some of the roles that make up this segment are: 

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Design a feature to scale the number of hourly workers submitting this job preferences form  ➡️

My team recently launched this job preferences form to help hourly workers find their next job. I was asked to design a new feature to grow the number of hourly workers filling this form.


Since this project is NDA, I cannot share it publicly. Please reach out to me for the password!

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My biggest learnings 👩‍💻

A deeper appreciation for a segment I had never considered before. 

The feeling of social impact I got from the work I did this summer was unreal. Prior to this internship, I truthfully did not know much about hourly workers. After spending 3 months learning about this segment, I now have such a deep appreciation for these workers and I am so thankful and happy that I got to play a part in making a difference in their lives. 

How to effectively lead cross-functional meetings 

As an intern, it was hard for me to drive meetings, especially with cross-functional partners. I had to learn how to set and follow meeting agendas, stir conversations back to the agenda when needed, and decide action items needed from different cross-functions in order for me to progress on design. It was nerve-wracking to tell cross-functional partners what to do, but I quickly learned how important it was for the success of the project. 

How to communicate complex ideas

The scope of my summer project was quite large. There was a lot of ambiguity, strategic considerations, and possibilities for this new feature. This challenged me to learn how to communicate complex ideas into easily understandable concepts and adapt my storytelling based on my audience. 

Feedback from my team 🚀


It might not have been in-person, but it was a pretty unforgettable summer. 

My LinkedIn Experience 🙌

Thanks for reading!

I hope this gave you a little preview of what I got up to this summer. If you'd like to know more, please reach out! 


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