Hi there! I'm so glad you're here 👋🏽

I'm Aditi and I'm in my final year of grad school at Indiana University's HCI/d program. 


I'm a formally trained architect, frequent globe trotter, and a budding product designer. I grew up as a global citizen, calling 5 countries home by the age of 20 (ask me where!). Along the way, I developed a love of storytelling and sharing my experiences. I started blogging, but design is where I think I can truly tell a great story. After all, what's a better story than using design to make a difference in someone's life?


Combining my experiences in UX with my background in architecture, I have developed a strong sense of systems design thinking, storytelling and communication skills, and a passion for design strategy. 


On the side, I enjoy speaking on panels in the design community, writing Medium blogs, and sharing my experiences with younger designers or those transitioning into the field like I did. 

I used to be an architect in my previous life 🏙️

During my architecture career, I loved creating graphics and renderings to visualize my designs. Here's a few of my favorites of a thermal bath concept I designed. 

Say hi, and let's chat! ✌🏼

If you'd like to chat, shoot me an email or find me at

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